March 12, 2018

Starting Seed Indoors

Starting Seeds Indoors

Are you trying to get a jump on the growing season? Are there specific varieties of veggies or flowers you like? If you’re saying ‘yes’, then starting seeds at home is for you. There is a great deal of pleasure seeing seeds sprout and even more to witness those tiny seeds bear a flower or fruit. Seed starting is a fun indoor activity for kids and adults alike.
March is a good time to start long- season vegetables and flowers indoors. Tomatoes, onions, winter squash, peppers, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages) and many flowers can be started this month. The goal of starting your own seed is to have your seedlings ready to plant by the time it’s warm enough outside. The exact timing of indoor seeding will depend on what you are growing and if you are able to transplant seedlings into a protected space like a greenhouse or cold frame. Check the seed packet for sowing information and days to maturity. This will help you determine when to plant.
If you are not the seed-starting type, a variety of seedlings will be available in our greenhouse beginning in April.
For more details on starting vegetable seeds, visit this link: have everything you need to start a seed. Come by and see our large selection of garden seeds, seedling mix, seed starting kits, grow lights and more!

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