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A well constructed fence can give you the privacy and security you want at your home or business, while looking good too.

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The things to consider when building a fence are vast. When you're in the research phase we are available to help you find the best fit. Call today for questions about your fencing needs and how to best accomplish your goals.

Fencing For Homes And Businesses

Securing your property is often the first concern of new home owners. If you're completing construction on a new home or have just moved into the Jackson or Teton Valley area, our privacy fences will add the perfect finishing touch to your property. Keeping a safe space from unwanted visitors and prying eyes, while creating a safe play area for kids and pets to roam without getting lost adds to the peace of mind this area is known for.

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Cedar Wood Privacy Fence

Give yourself privacy, while maintaining an elegant home and business. Our fences can be customized to any height ranging from 3 to 6ft.

This fence is a perfect option for people looking for an aesthetically pleasing and functional fence to surround your property.

Ag and Livestock fencing

Keep your land safe from unwanted wildlife and trespassers by choosing the right fence, and get it professionally installed. Our ag fencing options allow you to economically protect large areas while ensuring tight security so you can rest easy knowing your properties are safe.

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"No climb" Livestock Fencing

Stretched wire fences can be installed quickly and affordably while being highly secure, and discouraging climbing.

Barbed Wire

When security is of utmost importance, we can install barbed wire fences to deter would-be trespassers from ever entering or leaving your property.

Split Rail Cedar

One of the most economical and aesthetically beautiful fences to mark your property, while looking great and effectively keeping livestock and horses inside.

Jack-leg Fence (aka Buck Rail Fence)

This versatile type of fence is perfect for rougher terrain that makes it difficult to dig post holes. Since Jack-leg Fence requires no digging, you can mark out your property and keep livestock within. This is the quickest type of fence to be constructed, so if you're needing a solution ASAP, this is the fence for you.

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