September 4, 2015

September 2015


Labor Day Sale - September 4th - 30th:

    • At least 20 % off all potted trees and shrubs
    • 50 % off perennials
    • 50% off potted Ash, Birch and Fruit Trees
    • 50% off Rose bushes
    • 50% off Blueberries
    • Select potted Swedish Aspen $25
    • 2 for 1 weed and feed

New Fall Hours

Fall Store Hours Begin September 1st:   9-6 Monday-Saturday

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3rd Annual Big Zucchini Winner

Congratulations to Laura Ginty, this year’s champion. This whopper weighed in at 8.8 pounds.

Purple Rain: Six of our favorite purple plants

Purple leaved trees, shrubs and perennials have always been popular. Plants with purple foliage have a high percentage of the pigment anthocyanin in their leaves. This pigment absorbs blue and green light, which makes the leaves appear purple to the human eye. Purple foliage contrasts beautifully with many other foliage and flower colors. Even when these plants are void of blooms, the foliage alone makes a statement.

Canada Red Cherry
This well loved tree is very popular in this area for good reason. Lovely clusters of white blooms perfume the air each spring and its zone 2 rating makes this one of our best sellers.

Plant breeders have been having lots of fun with heuchera in the past several years, introducing us to many interesting leaf colors along the way. Palace purple, obsidian and plum pudding are all popular purple varieties. Heuchera are wonderful in containers along with vivid annuals. Pull them out and plant them in the garden as perennials when the season is over.

Ninebark ‘diablo’
This variety forms a beautiful mound of purplish-black foliage. Light pink flowers each spring contrast nicely with the foliage. The stems combine beautifully with other cut flowers.

Penstemon ‘husker’s red’ 
Long stems of pale pink flowers top the deep purple foliage of this garden perennial. The flowers attract bees and hummingbirds and are nice as a cut flower.

Purple emperor, vera jameson and dragon’s blood are all fantastic purple-leafed varieties of these perennial succulents. Their bright pink blooms are a welcome hit of color late summer and early fall.

Purple Leaf Sandcherry
Another regional classic, this hardy shrub is well-loved for its fragrant light pink blossoms and its glossy deep purple leaves.

Recipes From the Garden; Carrot Ginger Soup

Home grown carrots shine in this simple soup. Peel the carrots first if you plan on using store bought. Serve with homemade cornbread. Serves 4.

3 TBS butter
2 pounds carrots, scrubbed and sliced
2 cups chopped onion
½ tsp salt
1 TBS minced fresh ginger
4 Cups lower sodium chicken or vegetable stock
2 large strips of orange peel
½ Cup heavy cream or half and half
Salt and pepper, to taste
Sour Cream, for garnish
Finely chopped chives or parsley for garnish

Melt butter in a pot over medium heat. Add carrots and onions and salt and cook until onion softens and begins to brown, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes. Add ginger and stir until aromatic, about 1 minute. Add stock and orange peel and simmer for about 20 minutes until carrot is very soft. Remove orange peel and add heavy cream. Puree soup using an immersion blender, food processor or standing blender until smooth. Thin with additional stock or water if necessary. Gently reheat and add salt and pepper to taste. Ladle into bowls and garnish with a dollop of sour cream and herbs.

Fall Makeover

Dead, crunchy leaves, pale spindly foliage, aphids…
Does this describe your once-beautiful planter? With a few fresh plants and a dose of plant food, you can have a pretty, welcoming planter with flowers to last another month or two. Here’s how:

      • Pull out any dead plants and replace with fresh fall annuals such as pansies, kale or mums
      • Trim overgrown foliage plants

Water with a liquid plant food such as fertilome™ blooming & rooting

What Bugs Us: Earwigs:

Earwigs are easy to recognize by the two pincers on their tail. Earwigs are nocturnal, feeding on tender flowers and many plants. Home gardeners may not see earwigs due to their nocturnal nature. To reduce earwig infestation, the home gardener can take several approaches:

Trapping: When not feeding, earwigs like to hide in dark, damp places. Set traps where you notice plants being chewed upon. Check the traps in the morning and discard the earwigs. They are easily trapped in rolled up, damp newspaper or in shallow tin cans filled with a half inch of vegetable oil.

Diatomaceous Earth: This flour-like substance is like crawling over glass to an insect. The insect’s bodies get scraped, causing them to dry up and die. Reapply after rain.

Habitat Reduction: Earwigs like to hide in dark damp places. If you can remove some of their cover, earwigs will be less of a problem. Lumber, saucers, cardboard, plant debris, thick vegetation and even mulch can harbor these pests during the day.

For control indoors: A perimeter spray such as Ortho™ Home Defense can be used around doors, foundations and other points of entry on your home, creating an invisible barrier against earwigs and other crawling insects. Diatomaceous earth can also be used indoors.

Coming Soon... Fall Bulbs:

Yes, bulbs are wonderful for spring color, but did you know that flowering bulbs are also a valuable food source for bees? Plant some for spring color and plant some for our pollinators! Tulips, daffodils, iris, crocus, hyacinth and other colorful beauties will start arriving after Labor Day. Don’t miss the boat; plant bulbs once, water and enjoy the fruits of your labor next spring!

What's New:

      • Bulbs and garlic will be arriving after labor day
      • Fall lawn winterizer
      • Crocodile Creek ™ back packs, lunch boxes, sandwich keepers and water bottles
      • Fall tableware and linens
      • Vance Kitira™ candles and room diffusers
      • Fall pansies, mums, ornamental cabbage and kale
      • Succulents for indoors
      • Robeez™ baby shoes and booties
      • Cozy fall scarves and ponchos

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