November 1, 2013

November 2013

Save the Date: Holiday Open House

Saturday, November 16th we will be hosting our annual Holiday Open House. Come and be inspired by our new holiday displays, décor and an abundance of ornaments. Save 25% on any purchase of holiday décor for one day only. Earn a chance to play SPIN TO WIN with each purchase. Our first 25 customers get a free gift.

Green Friday Sale

Save a trip to the big city and shop locally Friday, November 29th. MD Nursery is having our annual Green Friday Sale. Everyday items will be 30% off for one day only. Save time and gas and pick up your holiday gifts here. Sale excludes holiday décor.

Wildflower Seeds

Did you know late fall is the best time to sow wildflower seed? Moisture and freezing temperatures throughout the winter help break apart the tough seed casing and ensure faster germination the following spring. A mix of wildflowers will beautify your property and provide a food source for humming birds, butterflies and bees. MD Nursery has a variety of mixes to suit your site. Sowing wildflower seed is easy. Here’s how:

  • Select a sunny relatively weed-free site.
  • Scratch the soil surface with a rake to ensure good soil to seed contact.
  • For even coverage, mix the seed with four parts of dry sand or soil.
  • Broadcast the mix by hand or use a spreader in larger areas.
  • Lightly rake over the area to cover the seed.
  • Supplemental irrigation in the spring will help with germination.
  • Avoid excess irrigation as this will promote weed growth.
  • Irrigation can be reduced once your wildflower area is established.
Bird of the Month: Chickadee

Charming acrobats of the treetops, chickadees are one of the easiest backyard birds to get to know. Chickadees can be identified by a black cap and bib, grey back and buff-colored sides. These lively birds are constantly chattering to each other with a “fee-bee” or “chick-a-dee-dee-dee” song. Chickadees are year-round residents and will readily drop in at birdfeeders to eat sunflower seeds or suet. In the spring, chickadees excavate cavities in dead trees or branches to nest in. These cavities also provide protection through the winter. Chickadees will visit feeders in the summer, but mainly feast on spiders and insects during the summer months. More fascinating facts about chickadees and other popular birds can be found at

Planting Paper Whites:
Paper whites are a flower bulb native to the Mediterranean. They are grown as indoor forcing bulbs in colder climates like ours. They are highly fragrant and are easily grown indoors. These flowers enjoy a bright, cool spot in the house. Avoid growing paper whites in excessively warm areas with poor light. This will lead to tall stems which easily flop over. Once planted, paper whites take four to six weeks to bloom. Paper whites add a touch of natural green to holiday decorating and also make a great gift. Paper whites are very versatile and can be planted in gravel, sand, marbles, potting soil or suspended in water. Try one or more of these paper white ideas:

The Classic:

Fill any container two thirds full with potting soil or gravel. Place paper whites, pointy side up as many as can fit in the container. Cover with more potting soil so only the tips are showing. Cover the soil with decorative moss. Place in a bright spot and keep moist. Blooms appear in about 4-6 weeks. Add a bow or an ornament for gift-giving.

The Chic:

Select a large glass vase with a wide base. Fill about three inches deep with decorative stone, marbles or beads. Nestle in the bulbs, pointy side up so just the tips are showing. Carefully fill with water to the level of the bulb base. Check every few days to ensure the water continues to cover the base of the bulbs. The vase sides help support the growing paper whites.

The Minimalist

Find a jar or vase that will hold a paper white bulb without falling through. Alternatively, use tooth picks to suspend a paper white bulb over a jar or vase. Fill with water so it touches the base of the bulb. Keep the water at this level. Watch the roots develop and the flowers open. This is a quick and easy project to do with kids.

Growing paper whites is easy. Try one of these projects or get creative with your own. The possibilities are endless.

New this Month:

November is a busy month in the gift shop and greenhouse as we clear out the last of our summer items and move into holiday mode. Besides our beautiful Christmas tree and ornament displays, we also have a flow of seasonal goods coming into our shop:

  • Christmas cards
  • Candles
  • Thymes™ Frasier Fir home scent, candles and soap
  • Table linens
  • Poinsettias ( mid November)
  • New jewelry styles
  • Winter accessories
  • Paper White and Amaryllis Bulbs
  • Live Christmas Trees
  • Cut Christmas Trees ( late November)
  • Fresh Christmas greens and garland ( late November)
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