November 14, 2016

Mini Desert Oasis

Cacti are one of the best choices for those with less-than-green thumbs. These plants are well acclimated to dry indoor air and require very little attention. A slow growth rate keeps them tidy and will fill a small space without overtaking it. Windowsills, kitchen counters or desktops are all prime locations for a mini desert oasis. Create one for your home, office or as a gift. Here’s how:

Select a container for your garden. Get creative! Try an old teapot, decorative box, cookie tin or keep it simple with a plain terracotta pot.  Next, chose your mini cacti. Any combination is fine, but a mix of heights and textures always looks good. Fill your container partially with cactus mix. Cactus mix is a fast-draining soil specially formulated for cacti.  Using gloves or tongs gently remove the cacti from their pots and arrange in your container.  Carefully back fill with more cactus mix. Top with a light layer of gravel or decorative rock. Try adding some interesting rocks, a pretty shell, ornament or a small figurine to personalize your oasis.  Water gently and place in a bright spot. Depending on your room temperature and the size of your container, cacti will need gentle watering every two to four weeks. Generally, the bigger the plant and container, the less frequent watering they will need.

Cacti (and most house plants) prefer less water and fertilizer during the winter months. Begin routine feeding with a houseplant fertilizer or a specific cactus fertilizer in the spring and summer months.   Your desert oasis will perk up any indoor space and will last for years with very little effort.


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