March 4, 2016

March 2016


March Seed Sale

Early spring is a great time for sowing grass seed where the snow has melted. The moisture and freeze-thaw cycles help to break down the hard seed casings improving germination. Seed will lay dormant until later in the spring when soil temperature warms.

Take advantage of savings on quality seed blends for lawns, pastures and natural areas.

50% off 2015 Grass Seed


Thanks to all our vendors, musicians, staff and customers who came out this season. Don’t miss out on your last chance to browse our vendor’s offerings and enjoy live music in our toasty greenhouse.

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Easter is March 27th

Celebrate the season with finds from our gift shop:

    • Fragrant potted Easter lilies (arriving Mid-March)
    • Fresh flowers, blooming branches and pussy willows
    • Seasonal tableware and linens
    • Unique, fun & educational toys from our kid’s department- perfect for Easter baskets
    • Delicious gourmet chocolate and candy from Marigold Café
    • Easter decorations from bunnies to baby chicks

More Play, Less Work!  Lawn &Tree Care Services

Imagine a summer weekend where you don’t have to mow the lawn, where your landscape is healthy, thriving and well-maintained. Insects aren’t damaging your trees and your lawn is weed-free. You have time to hit your favorite trails, fishing hole or spend time with your family and friends.
Enjoy more of what you love doing and let our maintenance crew do the yard work for you! Our crew delivers timely, professional service to Teton Valley and Jackson Hole properties.
We are expanding our service and offering new maintenance customers some great package deals:
‘New Customer’ Lawn Mowing package:Get one FREE lawn service!
Sign up for a full season (5 month minimum) of routine lawn mowing by May 1st and receiveone of these extra services at no charge:
Fall lawn fertilization, Lawn aeration or Irrigation Winterization

New Customer’ Lawn & Tree Care package: Get a FREE tree!
This package will get help your trees and lawn looking their best.
This service includes:

      • Evergreen tree spray applications (includes pine weevil prevention, disease and insect control),  3 times per season
      • Deciduous tree spray applications (disease and insect control) , twice per season
      • Yearly deep root tree fertilization
      • Lawn weed &feed application, twice per season
      • Fall lawn fertilization

Sign up for our Lawn & Tree Care package by May 1st and we’ll give you a free deciduous ball & burlap tree (up to $300 value, offer excludes delivery and planting).

If you’d like more play and less work, contact our maintenance crew lead, Erik Moss to arrange an onsite consultation and estimate:

Cabin Fever Combat

Is winter lingering too long for you? Get your hands dirty with these fun indoor gardening projects to beat the blues. Involve your kids and make it a family affair. Here are our favorite indoor projects for March:

Hanging glass terrariums.

We have an assortment of hanging terrariums that are just waiting for your creativity!  Use decorative moss, air plants, small shells or rocks, succulents, little toys or figurines to create a mini display. Hang in any bright spot and use a plant mister to water any live plants.

Table top cactus garden.
Try planting an old coffee pot, cookie tin, box or a plain terracotta pot.  Any combination of cacti and succulents will work, but a mix of heights and textures always looks good. Fill your container partially with cactus mix. Gently remove the plants from their containers and arrange in your container.  Carefully back fill with more cactus mix. Cover bare spots with a light layer of gravel, sand or decorative rock. Water gently and place in a warm, bright spot.

Start some seeds.
Longer season veggies such as tomatoes, winter squash, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and peppers are best started indoors anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks before the last frost date. Generally, mid to late March is a good time to start these crops.

      • Begin with a clean seedling tray or small pots. Ensure there are holes for drainage.
      • Select a sunny, warm spot away from hot or cold drafts.
      • Use high quality seedling mix and dampen the mix before you fill your containers. Do not use garden soil or compost, as these may contain harmful pathogens or fungi.
      • Using a pen or chopstick, make a ¼ inch hole and plant one or two seeds in each hole.
      • Gently top each hole with more seedling mix.
      • A clear plastic top can be used to retain moisture during germination.
      • Ensure the soil stays moist, but not soggy. A plant mister works well for this.
      • Once plants have reached about 2-3 inches and have several sets of true leaves, they can be transplanted into larger containers.

Not all seeds benefit from an early start. The following seeds are best sown directly into the garden at planting time: Beans, peas, carrots, beets, radish and turnips.  Leafy greens such as chard, kale and spinach and zucchini are easily grown from seed outdoors and don’t need to be started indoors.

We have everything you need to start a seed! Come by and see our large selection of garden seeds, seedling mixes, seed starting kits and more!

Grow sprouts on your windowsill.
From seed to fork in less than a week, sprouts may be the fastest food you can grow! They are packed with vitamins and nutrients and make super additions to salads, stir fry, sandwiches or wraps. Our line of sprouting seeds from Botanical Interests™ has full instructions and recipes on every package.

Only sprout seeds labeled for sprouting. These seeds have been independently tested in a lab for harmful pathogens.

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