November 8, 2017

Long Lasting Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers make a cheerful addition to your home or office. The Flower Market at MD receives shipments of fresh flowers several times a week. This ensures a steady stream of the freshest flowers possible. Our floral team inspects, cleans and conditions new arrivals to ensure quality and longevity.
To prolong the life of fresh flowers at home, cut an inch off the stems at an angle using sharp, clean shears. This will help flowers ‘drink’ up water easily. Place flowers into a clean vase with cold water. It’s important to change the water in your vase every few days since bacteria build-up will quickly cause your flowers to decline. Flowers will stay fresh for longer at cool room temperature. Always keep your flowers away from any heat source.

Not all flowers have the same lasting power. Here are our favorites for longevity:
• Chrysanthemum (mum or pompon)
• Alstromeria
• Carnations
• Mini Roses
• Statice
• Protea
• Safari Sunset

Monday - Saturday
Summer 8AM-6PM
Winter 9AM- 6PM
2389 S. Highway 33 Driggs, ID
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