October 12, 2016

It's Time To...

Take advantage of a bit of dry weather and get your yard and garden ready for winter.

  • Plant flower bulbs for spring. Fall bulbs are now 30% off!
  • Sow wildflower and grass seed.
  • Fertilize lawns for a faster green-up in the spring.
  • Plant garlic for next year’s harvest. Garlic is now 30% off!
  • Add compost to vegetable gardens. We recommend Happy Frog or Black Gold compost.
  • Apply granular rodent repellant to lawns  such as Molemax™ or Repellex™.
  • Spray newly planted evergreens with Wilt Pruf™ anti-desiccant.
  • Continue watering trees and shrubs through November or until the snow is here to stay!
Monday - Saturday
Summer 8AM-6PM
Winter 9AM- 6PM
2389 S. Highway 33 Driggs, ID
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