December 13, 2017

Gifts in a Mug

Here’s the scenario. You’ve finished your Christmas shopping but wait! What about the bus driver, teacher, coach, hostess, co-worker and your neighbor? Start with a mug, then add to it for a personal touch. We have a huge selection of fun, fancy and practical mugs that make the base for a quick and welcome gift. Try these combos:
- Mug plus a $5 gift card from Marigold Café
- Mug plus fun socks tucked inside
- Mug plus fresh flowers
- Mug plus a mini tinned candle
- Mug plus a dish towel tucked inside or used as gift wrap
- Mug plus an ornament
- Mug plus an air plant
- Mug plus chocolates or candy from Marigold Cafe
- Mug plus mulling spices
You get the idea. There are endless variations on the theme.
As always, we offer free gift wrapping!

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