April 12, 2017

Our Favorite Tools for Spring Cleanup


Broken tree limbs, vole damage or matted leaf litter, April is time to spruce up your yard after our long, harsh winter. The right tool makes any job easier. Here are some of our favorites for spring clean- up:

Bahco™ Loppers: Quality loppers make cutting tree limbs a breeze.

Radius Pro™ Pruners: Use these to cut dead foliage or smaller diameter tree limbs or shrubs. These pruners do the job at an affordable price.

Tubtrugs™: These handy buckets come in assorted sizes and are always in use in our greenhouse. Use them to haul plant debris, for storage, to wash your dog, soak your feet or any task you can dream up!

Leaf Rake: The flexible tines of a leaf rake takes care of matted leaves, dead grass and a winter’s worth of pooch poop.

Hori Hori garden knife:
Translated, this means “dig, dig”. This multi tool is useful for digging up weeds, dividing plants, chopping tree suckers or self- defense.

Hestra™ Gloves: 
We stock an array of these quality gloves to protect your hands from the rigors of yard work.

Better Brooms™:  
This eco-friendly outdoor broom sweeps up gravel, leaves and debris in a snap plus it’s pretty enough to leave out as porch decor.

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