July 21, 2017

Deep Root Tree Fertilization: What is it?


Just like lawns and flowers, trees thrive when fertilized. Fertilizing helps maintain healthy growth, important for disease and pest resistance plus resilience in a challenging environment.

Deep-root fertilizing is the process of using an injector (a pogo stick-like device) to deliver liquid fertilizer directly underground into the root zone.  This allows the tree to uptake nutrients quickly for an immediate boost. Skilled tree care technicians follow a recipe in preparing fertilizer for deep root application. In addition to balanced tree fertilizer, mycorrhizae (beneficial fungi) are injected for optimal root growth.  Deep-root fertilizing is done either in the spring, fall or both if a tree is showing signs of poor health.

Noticeable improvements in tree growth and overall health are expected after just a few years of treatment.   Whether you have deciduous or evergreen trees, this service will help protect your landscape investment.  Contact us for pricing or to schedule a consultation. info@mdalndscapinginc.com


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