December 1, 2013

December 2013

Happy Holidays!

It’s December and we are in full swing for the Holidays. Stroll through our gift shop teeming with delightfully decorated Christmas trees and find inspiration for your holiday decorating style. MD has a huge selection of Christmas ornaments and holiday trimmings to suit your style. Our ornament selection includes many specialty designs perfect for gift giving. From books to toys to artwork, find the perfect gift for anyone on your list and relax while our friendly staff does the gift wrapping for you.

Santa is Coming to MD

Join us on Saturday December 7th to welcome Santa. Santa will be visiting with from 11-2. Remember your camera and capture the moment with Santa in our beautiful winter wonderland greenhouse.

Shop for Schools Saturday December 7th

MD Nursery is proud to join other valley businesses in the annual Shop for Schools event. MD will be donating 5% of our sales to The Teton Valley Education Foundation on Saturday December 7th. It’s a great way to contribute to this valuable charity while getting your Christmas shopping done.

Spin to Win Wednesdays are Back!
We’ll be bringing out the Spin to Win wheel each Wednesday until Christmas. Earn your chance to spin with any purchase over $15 and try winning MD Bucks. Shop on Wednesdays, spin the wheel and have some fun!
New this Month:

  • Bird seed ornaments
  • Poinsettias
  • Christmas trees
  • Wreaths and garlands
  • Christmas hanging baskets
  • Norfolk pines
  • Live topiary wreaths
  • Rosemary topiary trees

Poinsettias are native to Mexico and Central America. In nature, these plants grow as shrubs up to four feet tall. They are members of the euphorbia or spurge family. These plants were introduced to the United States about 200 years ago by Earl Poinsett, the US Ambassador to Mexico. Eventually, horticulturalists were able to cultivate the poinsettia giving rise to the popular holiday plant we know today. To keep a holiday poinsettia healthy indoors, place it in a bright spot. Poinsettias are very sensitive to over watering so only water when the soil feels dry to the touch. If the poinsettia is in a decorative foil wrapper, water can pool beneath the pot, so either remove the wrapper for watering, or water very carefully. Avoid cold drafts and never leave your newly purchased plant in your car. Poinsettias are beautiful on their own or can be combined with other plants for a beautiful, long lasting holiday live arrangement.

Bird of the Month: Red-Breasted Nut Hatch

This small energetic bird is often found mingling with flocks of chickadees. The nuthatch can be identified by its pointy beak, stubby tail, black eye band and reddish brown breast. They prefer coniferous forests, but are also found in other wooded areas such as cottonwood and aspen forests. The nuthatch is most often seen creeping up and down tree trunks, searching for insects in crevices. Nuthatches will readily visit a bird feeder preferring sunflower seeds and suet. Nuthatches excavate their nests in dead trees and branches. Follow this link for more fascinating nuthatch facts. For more information, visit,

Live Potted Christmas Trees
Live Christmas trees need a little extra consideration for holiday decorating and care. Gradually acclimate your live tree to room temperature by keeping it in a cool garage for a few days before bringing it in. Water your tree and allow it to drain before moving it indoors. Keep your tree indoors for no more than one week or it will break dormancy. Avoid placing your live tree by any heat source. To move a live Christmas tree back outside, acclimate it once again to somewhere cool like a garage before exposing it to winter temperatures. Keep your live tree for the remainder of the winter outdoors where it will have good snow coverage and some shade. This will offer it protection from the elements. Avoid placing your potted tree in a sun or wind exposed area as this will dry out the needles. Once the ground is thawed in the spring, your live Christmas tree can be planted and enjoyed for years to come. Follow this link for our planting guide.
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