July 16, 2019

Creating Shade

Summers are precious here in the Tetons. Although we welcome the sunny days, sometimes the direct sun is just too hot to enjoy our outdoor spaces comfortably. With a few alterations to our outdoor spaces, we can create shade and enjoy summer comfortably.

Shade Cloth is a woven fabric ideal for cooling off greenhouses or dog kennels. Shade cloth is available in convenient rolls or bulk by the foot.

Shade Sails are a new trend that can cool off your outdoor space. Shade sails are handy over dining spaces and play areas. These triangular sails can be attached to houses, trees, posts, or any other sturdy overhead object. We carry Coolaroo™ shade sails in a variety of colors.

Trees are Mother Nature’s way of casting shade. By selecting the right species of tree and planting it in a strategic spot, trees offer shade during hot afternoons and evenings. Canopy trees, such as aspen, ash, maples, cottonwoods, crabapples and Canada red cherry are all potential choices. Spruce trees are also helpful but will cast shade year-round. Carefully consider the mature height and width of a tree before you plant.

Vines, once established, can also help create shade. They are useful when placed on a southern or western exposure of a deck and supported with a trellis. Hops vine, silver lace vine, Virginia creeper and honeysuckle vines are the most reliable climbers. Under the right conditions, (full sun, cool root zone) showy clematis can work well too. Vines need a few seasons for their roots to establish before they really start to gain vertical vigor.

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