December 29, 2016

Christmas is Over, What Should I do with my Tree?

Don’t just toss that tannenbaum, try these alternate ways repurpose your Christmas tree:


·       ‘Plant’ your tree outside. Go out and stick it in the snow. Birds love evergreens for protection in the winter months. This is also a great way to visualize any future tree placements!

·       Use the boughs as cover. Do you have a spot near your house that is always bare in the winter? Use the boughs as insulation for perennials flower beds where snow cover is unreliable.

·       Make coasters and trivets. Saw the trunk into ½ inch rounds, sand until smooth and coat with polyurethane. These make a great gift.

·       Feed the fire. Make it a party and burn it in an outdoor fire pit. It’s best to wait a few months for the wood to dry out. Solstice party anyone?

·       Recycle it. Drop off undecorated and tinsel-free trees for free at the rodeo grounds in Jackson any time before the end of January or, for a small fee, recycle it at the  transfer station in Driggs.

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