February 15, 2017

Arm Chair Gardening


While it may be too early to plant, it’s never too early to plan. Get the gardening juices flowing this month with some arm chair gardening. Our book nook, located upstairs in our gift shop, is teaming with humorous, practical and detailed books on gardening, landscaping and more! Take these for example:

The Edible Front Yard- Ivette Soler
“Front lawns beware”. The author inspires us to replace thirsty lawns with beautiful and thoughtfully designed edible landscapes using vegetables, herbs, berries and fruit trees. This is a fun read packed with lots of details and beautiful photography.

Growing Food in a Short Season- Melanie J. Watts
This Canadian author explains best practices for growing food in a climate where the days are long, but the season is short. This book gives thorough instructions from planning to harvest, including plans for a cold frame and simple recipes for your harvest.

Kiss My Aster- Amanda Thomsen
Amanda Thomsen delivers sage advice with humor and sass. From trees and lawns to landscape design, this book would be a great resource for a beginner or expert gardener.

The Easy-Care Gardening Expert- Dr. D.G. Hessayon
If you don’t have the energy or time for high-maintenance gardening, this is the book to read. The approach gives lots of tips from lawn mowing, plant selection to choosing the right tool for the job. Use this book as a reference guide or as a starting point for a beginning gardener.

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