January 4, 2014

January 2014

Happy New Year!


All Christmas décor is now 50% off. This is a great time to stock up for next holiday season. Sale ends January 11th. NOTE: We will be close for inventory January 13TH – 16TH.

Bird of the Month: American Goldfinch

This small finch is common in grassy meadows and weedy areas where they feed on thistle and other seeds. The goldfinch is easily recognized by its bright yellow color and black and white striped wings. In the winter, the males and females are a dull olive green or brown color. Goldfinches are very acrobatic and can land on a grass or thistle stalk to feed. They nest mid- summer once weed seeds are readily available. Only one brood is produced each year. Goldfinches are a year round resident in Teton Valley and are easily attracted to bird feeders, preferring sunflower and nyger (thistle) seed. Try hanging a thistle feeder or thistle sock to draw flocks of these little birds. For more interesting goldfinch facts, click here

Houseplants for Clean Air

Did you know that houseplants act as air purifiers? Plants remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give off oxygen. Houseplants also remove other toxins such as formaldehyde from the air. Try adding some houseplants to your home or office this winter. Here are some to try:

  • Palm
  • Dracaena
  • Sanservia
  • Pothos
  • Boston fern
  • Ivy
  • Peace Lily
  • Spider plant

Houseplants generally like bright light and medium moisture. Try using a moisture meter for a more accurate reading of soil moisture. Keep house plants away from cold drafts or heat sources. Choose a container with drainage holes and use a high quality potting mix, such as Fertilome™ Ultimate potting mix. Most plants like a weekly misting with water, especially during the dry winter months.

Product of the Month: Water Stick™ moisture meter.

Know when to water. The Water Stick™ uses a light to tell you if a plant is too dry, wet or just right. The Water Stick™ takes out the guesswork and will automatically start to blink if your plant needs water.

Fresh Flowers

Don’t forget to visit our friendly Flower Market for a boost of fresh color this winter. Our mixed bouquets are ready to go or call ahead if you’d like something special. Our florists are happy to deliver an arrangement to your home, business or to a friend. To reach the Flower Market, call 208-354-8816 ext. 120.

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