May 31, 2017

5 Reasons to Use Mulch


Mulch is a product that covers the soil surface around trees, shrubs or flowers. Gravel, lava rock and bark mulches can be used, but bark is the most popular. There are many known benefits to using mulch in your flower beds and around trees and shrubs.  It’s not absolutely necessary to have mulch, but the benefits far outweigh the cost.

1-      Fewer Weeds

Mulch creates a layer between the soil and sunlight.  This dramatically reduces the amount of germinating weed seeds, leaving you with less weeds to pull or spray.

2-      Improved Soil

As bark mulch decomposes, nutrients are returned to the soil.

3-      Cooler Soil

During the warmer months, mulch keeps soil conditions cooler so plants are less stressed by the heat.

4-      Insulation

During the colder months, mulch keeps soil conditions slightly higher.  Mulch acts like an insulated barrier.  It prevents frost heaving, where plants are literally pushed out of the ground.

5-      Retains Moisture

Mulch helps reduce evaporation and retain moisture to keep the roots and soil from drying out.

Apply at least 1-2 inches of mulch for best results. Be sure not to ‘volcano’ or pile mulch up tree trunks, but pull it away from trunks a bit to ensure proper oxygen flow below the soil.  Every few years it’s nice to refresh the mulch in your beds.  Turning over mulch can buy you another year or two, but with new mulch, your shrubs, trees and flowers stand out.  There are many options of colors, textures, types, and blends that can help make your beds look new again.  Visit us today to see what type of mulch will work for you.


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