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28 Sep 2020

4 Reasons to Plant Bulbs this Fall

1- Bulbs are Beautiful:
Vibrant colors, fragrance and eye appealing combinations make bulbs one of the most charming flowers of the spring.

2- Bulbs are Easy to Plant:
Plant bulbs once and reap the rewards of color year after year. Simply choose a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Dig a hole two to three times the bulb’s height (for example if a bulb is two inches tall, dig a hole four to six inches deep). Sprinkle the bottom of the hole with bulb food or bone meal and place the bulb pointy side up. Cover with soil, water once and wait for spring! To plant bigger clumps of bulbs, follow the same method as above but make a wider hole and place multiple bulbs into the same hole. This ‘pit planting’ method saves time and bigger groups of bulbs make more of a visual impact than a scattering of single bulbs.

3- Bulbs Will Make You Happy:
Imagine a warm spring day after months of seeing mostly snow, ice and mud. You walk outside and ta-da! A pretty clump of purple crocus are blooming right next to the receding snow. Studies have shown that flowers release the ‘happy’ brain chemicals triggering positive emotions. Plant bulbs to plant happiness!

4- Bulbs Feed the Pollinators:
Yes, bulbs are wonderful for spring color, but did you know that flowering bulbs are also a valuable food source for bees? Bulbs are one of the first available pollen sources for bees and other pollinating insects.

Plant bulbs in the Fall:
All spring-blooming bulbs like daffodils, tulips and crocus need a cold period before they will bloom. This starts the biochemical process that makes them bloom. Bulbs are not like seeds where they can be viable for months without planting. Bulbs will dry out and are unlikely to bloom if they are not planted in the fall. Plant bulbs any time before the ground freezes.

02 Sep 2020

September at MD

Due to the increased demand on landscaping products and plant material locally and nationwide, we have experienced shortages on some of our regular garden center products. We appreciate your flexibility when making choices and we will do our best to help you choose alternatives if an item you are seeking is not available.
Our staff continues to be vigilant in routine sanitation of carts, shopping baskets and other common surfaces. We kindly ask all customers entering retail areas to follow CDC guidelines and local mandates for face coverings and social distancing. We appreciate your compliance and will provide customers with masks as needed.

We are grateful for our community and we appreciate your business. Thank you for your patience and flexibility while shopping with us!

Alternate Ways to Shop:
Call ahead: We are taking phone orders for specific items. Pay over the phone and we will set aside your items for curbside pick-up. Call 208-354-8816.
Shop online: We have a selection of gardening essentials and gift cards available for online purchase. Online purchases will be set aside for curbside pick-up.

Fall Hours begin September 1st:
9-6 Monday- Saturday
Open Monday Labor Day

Fall Planting Sale
-40% off perennials

-40% off fall annuals
-25% off potted shrubs
-40% off potted crabapple trees & potted maple trees
Plus select sale shrubs $12 each or 5 for $50

Goodbye, Marigold Café
We are deeply grateful to our loyal customers and friends for the past 7 years of Marigold goodness. Sadly, this piece of MD Nursery, while well loved, is no longer sustainable. Outstanding Marigold gift cards can be used in the MD gift shop, greenhouse or flower market. Hungry shoppers will be able to find snacks, drinks and simple sandwiches available in the ‘Cooler Café’ within the greenhouse.