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08 Nov 2017

Long Lasting Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers make a cheerful addition to your home or office. The Flower Market at MD receives shipments of fresh flowers several times a week. This ensures a steady stream of the freshest flowers possible. Our floral team inspects, cleans and conditions new arrivals to ensure quality and longevity.
To prolong the life of fresh flowers at home, cut an inch off the stems at an angle using sharp, clean shears. This will help flowers ‘drink’ up water easily. Place flowers into a clean vase with cold water. It’s important to change the water in your vase every few days since bacteria build-up will quickly cause your flowers to decline. Flowers will stay fresh for longer at cool room temperature. Always keep your flowers away from any heat source.

Not all flowers have the same lasting power. Here are our favorites for longevity:
• Chrysanthemum (mum or pompon)
• Alstromeria
• Carnations
• Mini Roses
• Statice
• Protea
• Safari Sunset

01 Nov 2017

Last-Chance Late Fall Tasks

It’s not too late to sneak in a couple of late fall tasks. Take advantage of any nicer November days to cross a few jobs off this list and prepare your landscape for winter and spring.
• Plant bulbs: As long as the ground is still workable, fall bulbs can still be planted. All fall bulbs are now 50% off.
• Spread wildflower and grass seed: Late fall is ideal for seeding. Seeds lay dormant and germinate next spring as the soil temperatures rise.
• Mow, fertilize and protect your lawn: A shorter final cut will reduce the amount of raking next spring. Spread fall fertilizer (such as Scott’s™) and a granular rodent repellant like Molemax™ if voles are a problem in your area.
• Hang and fill bird feeders: We carry a variety of birdfeeders and seed to attract a range of wild birds. Feeders placed near trees and shrubs will encourage more visiting birds since they like the protection of nearby branches.
– Cover tree trunks with tree guards to protect from voles and other gnawing critters. This is especially important for fruit trees.